Lounge Access Entitlement - American Express


The following American Express cards from the issuing countries below are entitled access to ALL Plaza Premium Lounge locations worldwide:

American Express Centurion Card issued in:
Argentina Australia Austria
Canada France Germany
Hong Kong India Italy
Japan Mexico Middle East 
Netherlands Singapore Spain
Sweden Taiwan UK
American Express Charter Gold Card issued in:
American Express Corporate Platinum Card issued in:
Austria Canada France
Germany Japan India
Italy Spain USA
American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card issued in:
Hong Kong    
American Express Eva Air Platinum Card issued in: 
American Express Gold Business Card issued in: 
Hong Kong    
American Express Gold Card issued in:
American Express Peninsula Platinum Card issued in:
Hong Kong    
American Express Platinum Card issued in:
Argentina Australia Austria
Canada Finland France
Germany Hong Kong India
Italy Japan Mexico
Middle East Netherlands New Zealand
Singapore Spain Sweden
Taiwan Thailand UK
American Express Business Centurion Card issued in:
American Express Business Platinum Card issued in:
Canada France Germany
Italy India Mexico
ICBC Platinum American Express Platinum Credit Card issued in:



Some card provider rewards are subject to a quota/limited number of visits and services. For full details on your entitlement of lounge visits/services that your card holds, please contact your card provider. Plaza Premium Lounge is not responsible for charges made to your card in the event of a lounge visit outside of your reward limit.
The section above is a list of major partners whose cardholders are entitled access to most (if not all) Plaza Premium Lounge locations. If your card is not listed in any of the respective pages, you may still be entitled to lounge access in certain countries. Please contact your card provider for full details.
This entitlement list is limited to Plaza Premium Lounge branded locations (excludes co-branded and affiliate lounges) operating around the world as of 15 September 2017 and may not include new locations launched after this date.
Cardholders are encouraged to check with their card providers for the most updated information on their entitlement to our lounge locations. In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this website and that from card providers, the latter shall prevail. Plaza Premium Lounge shall not be held responsible or liable for any refusal of access to any location as a result of such discrepancy.

Last modified: 28 Feb 2018

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