Plaza Premium Group Celebrated its 20th Anniversary Milestone alongside the Launch of Plaza Premium First in Hong Kong International Airport

Published on 27 Jul 2018

The Group wins Skytrax’s Best Independent Airport Lounge Award for the third year in a row

Hong Kong, 27 July 2018 - Plaza Premium Group (PPG), the world’s largest independent airport lounge network, has been named Skytrax’s “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” for the third year in a row since 2016. The Group, who marks its 20th anniversary this year, celebrated this momentous recognition as they unveiled Plaza Premium First, a new lounge concept debuting in Hong Kong International Airport.

Presented by Skytrax, the World Airline Awards are regarded as among the most prestigious accolades for the aviation industry, acting as a global benchmark for recognising excellence across different elements of air travel. The only Hong Kong-grown brand to have won the award this year, Plaza Premium Group has established themselves as an industry leader in providing premium airport services in over 160 locations of 41 international airports across the world, serving over 14 million passengers annually.

The launch party, officiated by Mr. Song Hoi-see, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PPG, Mrs. Linda Song, Executive Director of PPG, Mr. Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Airport Authority, Ms. Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr. Tengku Sirajuzzaman bin Tengku Mohamed Ariffin, Consul General, Consulate General of Malaysia in Hong Kong, and Mr. Kinney Chan, Designer of Plaza Premium First Hong Kong and Founder of Kinney Chan & Associates, commemorated the ongoing and expansive success of Plaza Premium Group. Joining the celebrations were also some well-known lifestyle tastemakers such as Alexa Bui, Alan See, James Hong, Ronny Lau and celebrities Gloria Tang, Shaun Tam, Rosemary Vandenbroucke and Maria Chen.

Mr. Song Hoi-see, the Group’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are proud to be the only Hong Kong-grown company awarded the “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” this year. Over our 20 years, growing together with Hong Kong Airport Authority, we are delighted to continue innovating with concepts such as Plaza Premium First, which reflects the Group’s commitment in providing best-in-class services for discerning elite travellers.”

“Plaza Premium Group has come a long way since their first debut at our airport back in 1998 and has grown tremendously. We are here today not only to celebrate yet another successful service of the Group but to celebrate the success of a Hong Kong-grown company. We could not be prouder to work alongside them”, said Mr. Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Airport Authority.

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