Plaza Premium Lounges Receive The Highest 5-Star COVID-19 Lounge Safety Ratings

Published on 02 Nov 2021

(Hong Kong, 2 November, 2021) Plaza Premium Lounges in London and Rome have been awarded with the highest 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating, by international air transport rating agency Skytrax. The Plaza Premium lounges at Terminal 2, London Heathrow Airport and Terminal 3, Rome Fiumicino Airport have both received the 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating in recognition of the excellent and consistent measures in place to reduce the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19.
“We are thrilled to be awarded with the highest 5-Star Covid-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating. Safeguarding everyone’s health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.  Air travelling may seem a little stressful these days, but thanks to our global teams for their dedication and commitment to ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for our guests, we hope that travellers can achieve a comforting peace of mind during these unprecedented times. All of our lounges around the world strictly follow our global safety and quality standards, and as travel demand recovers, we look forward to hosting more of our valued guests in our newly-opened and re-opened departure, transit and arrival locations,” shared Sylvio Angelone, Chief Operating Officer of Plaza Premium Group.
The COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Ratings evaluate and certify the safety and hygiene protocols put in place by lounge operators and airline to ensure that lounges are meeting the highest hygiene standards, and that they are delivering enhanced safety levels for customers and staff. The audit inspections were conducted in October 2021 and assessed all relevant health and hygiene measures introduced by Plaza Premium Group in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Audit evaluated over 150 lounge safety protocols across both the lounge facilities and standards of staff service.
Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: “We congratulate Plaza Premium Group for achieving these highest 5-Star COVID-19 Safety Ratings for their lounges at T2 Departures, London Heathrow Airport and at T3, Rome Fiumicino Airport. Plaza Premium Group have implemented a broad range of hygiene and safety protocols in these two lounges, including efficient social distancing organisation, increased cleaning and hygiene of lounge areas, adapted food and beverage services, and contactless service options at key touchpoints. These enhanced protocols are integral to achieving the highest 5-Star Safety Rating, but it is also the consistency with which these elements are applied that is so important for Plaza Premium Group to demonstrate their safety commitment to customers and staff.”
These Plaza Premium lounges provide clear and visible advice to guests about face mask usage, personal health monitoring, hand hygiene facilities, and social distancing and movement etiquette.
The COVID-19 Lounge Safety analysis included ATP testing to validate the standard of cleaning systems, and to ensure high contact surfaces are sanitised with enough frequency, and that disinfectant products and cleaning techniques are effective.
It is likely that many aspects of the enhanced safety protocols, hygiene and cleanliness improvements introduced during COVID-19 at airport lounges will be around for a long time, and Skytrax highlight that maintaining the current standards and levels of attention are an important attribute of this highest, 5-Star COVID-19 Lounge Safety Rating.

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