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25 years ago, we founded the world's first independent lounge in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, our brand, Plaza Premium Lounge had a goal of enhancing the airport experience for travellers around the world.

Today, we have been working hard to always improving the customer service, design and lounge facilities and have since expanded our footprint to 250 locations, spanning over 30 countries and 80 airports, serving over 20 million global travelers each year, making us the world's largest network of independent airport lounges.

Our collective team in Plaza Premium Lounge is committed to delivering outstanding services tailored to the diverse needs of travellers. We study the different travel triggers, craft the experience to anticipate the unique features and flight patterns of each airport. Our passionate and dedicated teams are continuously evolving to create a premium airport experience that embodies comfort, convenience, love &care, and value, from departure, transit to arrival.

Why? Because we believe travel should be a pleasure.

For seven consecutive years now, we have been honoured with the prestigious "World's Best Independent Airport Lounge" award by Skytrax.

Today, we are aiming for an 8th victory, and your vote is our motivation to continue Making Travel Better.

How to vote in 3 simple steps:

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  • choose your favourite Plaza Premium from our lounge shortlist and kindly rate it
  • press submit!


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