Plaza Premium Group Entertainment

PPG entertainment is one of the customer experiences for Plaza Premium Lounge guests. We create a series of entertainment, from online to offline, to cater different type of guests, accompany through their travel journeys.

Travel is now more fun and easier with a simple scan and plug in device, enjoy our selection of music, read and entertainment.

We have got your covered on-air, on-land at the airport!



PPG On-Air on Spotify

Curated music list on Spotify featuring different genres and cultures, to accompany you throughout your travel journey. Whether you're packing, getting ready for check-in, resting in our lounges, dreaming about your next destination, or simply wanting to listen to something to get you in that holiday mood.

The service is available at all lounges globally




Kidcast is an audio storytelling platform for children 0-8 years where every child hears their name and imagines themselves in the story. Parents enter their child’s name and can play stories instantly from on any device. There are no apps to install and no cost to play the stories. Kidcast provides parents with a healthy alternative to screen-based entertainment they can play anywhere. Kids love hearing their name in the stories, and each one is designed to help them become successful learners.

The service is available at selection lounges globally

The New York Times

Immerse yourself in The New York Times' high quality, global journalism. With multimedia coverage of nearly every topic and interest— including breaking news, business, technology, climate, wellness, the arts and more—there's something for everyone to explore.

The service is available at lounges in Asia Pacific only


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