Plaza Premium Lounge (Near Gate 60, Departures)

Plaza Premium Lounge (Near Gate 60, Departures)

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

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Complimentary access for children under 2


This lounge is conveniently located near Gate 60 at the North Departures Hall of Hong Kong International Airport and equipped with comfortable seating, shower rooms with amenities, dining area, free Wi-Fi and an appealing view of the tarmac. It also features a sumptuous buffet and international cuisine and beverages, including our signature Hong Kong-style fish ball noodles with spicy XO sauce, to satisfy all taste buds.
While we are open to serve you, your health and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Guided by our “We Care of Your Wellbeing” campaign, all areas and dining tables are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.

For lounge access outside this lounge’s operating hours, guest are invited to visit Plaza Premium Lounge (Near Gate 35 Departures) operating from 2300 - 1500.



  • Charging Station
  • Flight Information
  • Food & Beverage
  • Lounge Chairs/ Bay
  • Shower Facilities (Charges may apply)
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Wi-Fi


0600 - 0100 daily


Level 7, Departures Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport (near Gate 60)



Email: [email protected]
Phone: +852 5700 5329

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