Lounge Usage

Presenting the print-out of your booking confirmation at reception upon your arrival is recommended in order to speed up the registration process.
You may visit our lounge earlier than your booked time, however admission is subject to the lounge's capacity.
You may enter and exit multiple times during your booked service period. Please retain your check-in receipt for re-entry. Due to security reasons, you must bring your belongings with you when you leave the lounge.
We have dedicated luggage storage areas at some of our lounges where you can store your luggage during your stay. However, for security reasons, you must bring your luggage/belongings with you when you leave the lounge.
If your flight is delayed, we may allow certain flexibility at our discretion and subject to lounge capacity, in order not to prevent other guests from enjoying the service(s) they have booked.
Please approach our lounge reception to purchase an extended stay. Extensions are subject to availability and lounge capacity.
Smoking is strictly prohibited at all our lounges. There are dedicated smoking rooms within the airport terminal building. Our Guest Service team will be able to direct you to the closest location.
We welcome all travellers at our lounges, including children. Infants below 2 years old may enter free of charge; children aged between 2 and 11 enjoy a 30% off adult full rates. All infants and children must be accompanied by an adult aged above 18 years old at all times. Infants and Children are not eligible for massage or spa services.

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